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Thanks to the anonymity of the Interwebs and the movie, 40 Year Old Virgin, it has become fashionable for male virgins to present their case to the world and still remain anonymous. Even the slew of reality shows which feature some type of geeks, nerds, losers, etc always have some sort of token virgin.

Just look at the last season of VH1′s The Pick Up Artist, half of the contestants were virgins, with the oldest being 45!

You would think that after so many years, a guy would at least get a little random action or even a pity lay. By the way, I understand there may be some of you guys out there who are “saving” yourselves for marriage.

This article is not about you, it’s about the guys who want to have sex but can’t.

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Whenever I go out with my friends I'm always attracted to girls and never think about hooking up with guys. It's not unusual for an otherwise straight guy to have the occasional homosexual fantasy while masturbating.

It's when I'm at home and get really horny that I think about having sex with guys. They're just fantasies, and people often fantasize about things they would never do or actually even enjoy in real life.

There is no reason for a guy to remain a virgin into and past his late 20s.

The only real exceptions would be some major physical or mental handicap, but that would make up only a small minority of the male virgin population.

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