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"They've been sick," he explains, gesturing to the woman and her friend nearby."So I want to do something nice for them."He asks if she would like something special to eat.

Despite her protests he persists, and finally she ventures, "Maybe … " From a nearby shop he picks up some baked sweets worth about 20 Australian cents and the women are over the moon.

Even talking about sex is taboo in the Buddhist-majority country, where there is no proper word for vagina in the Burmese language spoken by most people.

While contraception is technically available, few women know how to use it and many young people are too ashamed to buy it.

The 70-mile (112-kilometre) journey to Mong La takes around three and a half hours – though much of this time is spent getting in and out of the car to walk across each of the four military checkpoints along the way and engaging in the customary Chelsea Football Club chit-chat with uniformed guards.

The drive itself is one of the most scenic in Myanmar.

Every Monday night in downtown Yangon, a crew of young punks in studded leather jackets and gravity-defying mohawks dole out bananas and rice to the homeless.

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The political transition began promisingly, with the April release of over 200 political prisoners and detainees.

Burma’s new government led by the National League for Democracy (NLD) took office in March 2016 after sweeping the November 2015 elections.

Headed by State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and President Htin Kyaw, the NLD controls a majority of both upper and lower house parliamentary seats in the country’s first democratically elected, civilian-led government since 1962.

A hub for prostitution, gambling and general debauchery, Myanmar’s “Wild East” has found itself the subject of considerable international attention recently, with a string of reports from TIME, the BBC and The New York Times painting a sordid picture of a lawless “vice city” and “Burmese Las Vegas”.

In other words, the kind of place where you might want a copy of your passport.

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