Itemupdating folder fires twice

But here the actual problem is if you are updating two fields at a time the Item Updating event fires 2times. So, please close all the opened solutions and try again by opening your sol.

I am able to fire an Event using an Event receiver which I created using Visual Studio 2010 on a custom list. I tried to debug the code and I saw that the Item Added event was getting executed twice.

Thanks Suresh Hi, I have problem that whatever the graphics that i have drawn on the picture box in the Picture box mouse up evnet is not persist while i minimise or maximise the window. I've got the upper part programmed by using a __do Postback to the update panel.

To solve this problem i came to know that i need to redraw everything on picture box paint event i need to know that how to calll the picture box mouse up event in the picture box paint event.. private void picture Box1_Mouse Up(object sender, Mouse Event Args e) { bln Drawing = false; bln Erasing = false; if (circle == 1

I have to click the insert button twice to fire the event.I write function because I have more than one child tables for same parent. So rather than write deleting code for finding child data with same id and deleting data I write code and pass List and Parent Id to that function. I don't know whether i am going in the right path or not to solve this above problem.. So here's what I got when a user clicks the tabs: So I need a server side function such that when a user clicks Hello guys. As an extra note I have actually set the Collect SPRequest Allocation Call Stacks to true, this is all the information that it gives me.I have a formview which in insertmode is required to assign a value to a textbox from another on textchange event. here's formview code (in bold: event call: I have a very simple Item Updating event handler that is causing an SPRequest object was not disposed error when it is fired.

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