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Some time has clearly passed since Rick killed the man presumed to be Negan at the end of last week’s episode. We didn't hear word on whether Jesus confirmed the identity of the head honcho after all, but Rick and the others returned home without much concern about retaliation. Another band of the Saviors, armed to the teeth, descended upon our heroes -- meaning there are probably a whole lot more left than anybody suspected.And they’re a lot closer to Alexandria than they’ve ever been, too, which may prove cause for concern.

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Denise enjoyed a loving relationship with Tara, a hero with us since the Governor days, and was one of only a handful of well-developed queer characters on the series.

At first, it appears the crime may have a personal motivation but the focus of the investigation quickly turns to it being a random attack and the killers (there are two) are a romantic pair on a months-long spree of torture and death.

Unlike many of the ), the reader knows who the guilty parties are from the beginning – in fact, their beginning is told in the opening scene of the novel. When another victim, Jayla Campbell, is taken, Eve and her team are in a race against the clock to identify and locate the killers before it’s too late to save her life.

While I like all of the books, I tend to enjoy the more personal ones the best.

So is a bit of a surprise to me in that it is what I’d call a more procedural book and I was riveted the entire time. ) and Eve and Roarke have just got back from a brief tropical island holiday.

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