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Anxiety about Beaver Island forced me to learn the double haul and practice it. Water levels were raging or I couldn't find them or I just couldn't get them to eat.

Over the course of almost 6 years, it's documented much more - my foray back into dating (I think I'm done with that now), my sobriety (3 years! ) and my overall attempt at making my life something I actually want to live. I hereby proclaim myself the worst blogger on the interwebs. I may have even done a little dance upon release of that fish. The king salmon was this fall while attempting to get my first steelhead. The salmon was the second fish this season to jizz all over me. He talks like a zombie salmon until I almost pee my pants. He gives me flies he meticulously ties, even though he knows I'll lose them within the hour. Also looking forward to a spring smallie trip with my favorite guide. Not so long ago, when she advertised for a cleaner, the woman ran away when Esther opened the door. For women like her, fame might be an obstacle, but it is age that is the real barrier.It’s not the same for older men like Graham Norton, 52, who is now reportedly on Tinder after splitting up with his partner this summer.And if you really, really love her, just go ahead and punch her in her face.Nothing says "I love you long time" like a broken frikin' jaw!

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