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In 2011, a second Emler Swim School of Austin opened on Bee Cave Road in a vacated restaurant space in Westlake.This second location containing a 40’ X 40’ swimming pool was built due to the insistence of Emler swim students whose parents did not want to drive north to the Emler Swim School of Anderson Mill facility.This has led to a legal issue and we can’t tell you how heartbreaking this process has become.We are moms and educators with a passion for providing art experiences for all ages.The already difficult job of merging two large nonprofits was tremendously complicated by the processes of aligning the regulatory and funding frameworks already in place to address each victim service area as distinct and separate problems.

If you are an international student meeting one of the categories below, you are eligible to obtain Texas residency status if you meet the basic requirements by living in the state for 12 consecutive months and establishing a domicile in Texas prior to enrollment: Yes.

This South Austin location includes the Ultra Violet System (UV System) that provides the latest technology in killing microorganisms and bacteria in swimming pool water without strong chemicals.

This top-of-the-line, cutting-edge UV system - along with the gentle salt chlorine generator - are used at all Emler swimming pools to keep our water pristine and safe for all swimmers.

As some of you may have guessed by the notes on the studio door, our business has been devastated due a lockout by our landlord. If you have ever owned a retail business, we're sure you can sympathize with the Austin market.

We have attempted to negotiate ongoing lease and property disputes.

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